This is how we do it…

The approach we take to develop a winning freestyle is that of a professional director/producer. In the 5 or so minutes a competitor has to perform3206839316_92372d4769_m their freestyle, they have to tell a story, take the audience on their journey, make the hours of work and years of training look simple and fluid while exceeding the expectations of a diverse body of judges.  Music is the foundation and  the framework that pulls both the technical and artistic sides together. Without it, there is no musical freestyle — only a test. As freestyle designers, our job is to find music that best showcases you and your horse; to develop a test that builds from the music and excites the audience while ensuring you are still highly competitive in the arena. Ultimately, the freestyle should not only be a joy to ride, but a delight to watch. 

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Our combined years of experience and education as musicians, performers, choreographers and directors as well as equestrians have given us a unique vantage point from which to effectively bring all these elements together.  On the technical side, we utilize cutting edge systems and software to create seamless pieces. From the performance and technical side, we know what works, and what works, wins!


This is how we start…

Review and assess your ride from videos and/or an initial visit or clinic
(BPMs, strengths, timing of movement). Based on your preference of genres, we will evaluate what type of music that we feel would best suit your horse, and start to create a theme.

Create a rough of the music with vocal cues

We build the choreography with the music, so that it makes technical, artistic and musical sense, as well as highlighting the horse’s strong points. When you receive the choreography and music with vocals, we ask that you practice it for a bit and send us back a video or, better yet, set up a time to meet.

When you are ready to show, we will create a final master of the music  
There may be a point in time when you have really settled into the freestyle and your horse’s BPMs may change, or we need to make an adjustment.  We will do one adjustment during the show season.

This is an ongoing collaborative process between EquiChord, the rider/horse and their trainer/coach.  It evolves over time and practice.  This process is not for everyone.  Only those who have the desire to excel, and the willingness to succeed.