FabFoodalista is a fun and informative VLOG that showcases original recipes in a quick and easy format. Get down to the nitty gritty of the recipe with visually-appealing instructions done in easily accessible video vignettes, where the food is the only star. Drawing from years of experience, the FabFoodalista staff will bring you ways to cook quickly and efficiently, recommending must-have foods and products - PLUS - showcase innovative ways to take you through those stressful times of the year.  We at FabFoodalista would love to hear from you!



            • Quick, easy and fun instructions - STARRING:  THE BEST FABFOOD
            • Flavorful, Frugal and Fun Meals
            • Vegetarian options of favorite meat eaters recipes
            • Gluten and dairy free alternatives
            • Fresh, in season cooking with a Gourmet twist
            • Adapted recipes from around the world
            • FabFavorites - a look at our favorite things