Burt Lancaster, Rocky Angelo and Donna Angelo as The Child

Rocky Still 2

Rocky Angelo

Burt Lancaster stars in this lost silent short.  Prior to becoming the iconic star of From Here to Eternity, Elmer Gantry and Field of Dreams, Lancaster joined with his own band of brothers to create their own fate. Co-star Rocky Angelo and Lancaster met while serving in the US Army during World War II. Together they performed with the Army’s Twenty-First Special Services Division, one of the military groups organized to follow the troops on the ground and provide USO entertainment to keep up morale. After the war, Lancaster became a fixture within the Angelo family in Philadelphia, boarding in a room at the Angelo’s home.  All talented, artistic, and good-looking, Lancaster and the Angelo brothers set their sights on Hollywood. They appeared to be the 1940′s version of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck – determined to pen their own fate.  This recovered treasure is the result of their efforts.  Barely a year later, Burt Lancaster would be cast in The Killers, with Ava Gardner, and the rest is history. The original beginning and ending of this short film appear to be lost. However, we are still working on recovering the piece in its entirety. Click here for more information.


Lancaster Still 8

Burt Lancaster

Rocky & Donna

Rocky and Donna Angelo

Lancaster Still 2

Burt Lancaster


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The Art of the Martinos

MARTINO_E-PENSIVE_MOOD_640px - Version 2

The Martino family has long ties with the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA). In an effort to pass on the tradition of creating superior art, Nina Martino established the Giovanni Martino Family Scholarship Fund.  In October of 2013, a benefit auction was held to raise funds for the scholarship, as well as complete the Murray Dessner Memorial Travel Fund.  The video in this post was created not only to showcase the works donated by the Martinos, but to promote the ongoing support of arts education.

What is a Dressage Musical Freestyle?

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