An Inescapable Time For Folk Music: Don McCloskey

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This is a new song. It’s called The Ballad of Freddie Gray. Please listen. If you like it, please share it with everyone you think would like it too. “Independent music” is completely dependent on music fans and supporters. A five minute folk song about Baltimore will not be on the radio this summer so if this is your kind of music- YOU ARE THE RADIO!

Be the DJ you wish to see in the world.—Don McCloskey

In this day of pre-packaged, big venue, highly promoted artists, we rarely get the opportunity to truly experience the heart of the air waves. Although there are various avenues to self-publish and promote music, independent voices can be lost in a sea of mediocrity without a certain level of main stream acknowledgement. The hope for new technologies has always been that they would give the masses greater reach. Is that really a good thing for music? Do we really need to hear the same pre-fab loops over and over again with nothing new to offer but what is already “sellable”? Do today’s new technologies create a discerning listening audience or sound sheep?

As active participants in the world of music, we listen to hundreds of pieces of music a day. We love music, and want nothing more than to be excited about something we have recently heard. In our small way, we have tried to promote those new and quality compositions we come across. A couple of weeks ago, The Ballad of Freddie Gray by Don McCloskey was shared with us. We couldn’t stop listening to it. Its haunting melody and impactful lyrics were reminiscent of a bygone era when Dylan, Seeger, and Simon and Garfunkel reigned supreme. McCloskey gently and considerately tells the story— devoid of anger or reproach, but rather with a soft, graceful and slightly poignant plea—”Don’t look away…don’t look away.”

McCloskey is a part of an ever-growing grassroots chorus that is attempting to provide thought-provoking alternatives to the mainstream music machine. For more information on McCloskey, his music and concerts, please visit his Facebook page.

About Don McCloskey:

Don McCloskey is an eclectic singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn. His idiosyncratic style, independently produced albums andenergetic live performances have gained him a cult following in the US, Europe and Australia. He has toured in support of G. Love and Special Sauce, Donavon Frankenreiter, and the cast of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. His songs and albums are available on iTunes.



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