EquiChord is a multi-faceted production company that successfully integrates technology, education and creativity. Their projects encompass film, instructional video, rich media education, instructional design, and musical productions from inception to final editing.  Successfully operating within the public and private sectors, EquiChord has fulfilled the diverse requirements of its clients by assessing the needs of the project and providing the highest level of production value and educational insight.



Frank Maddlone – Consultant

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Producer, Instructional Designer, Author, Speaker, Consultant, Mr. Maddlone brings his experience to EquiChord to fill the chasm between creativity, education and technology. He is a rare renaissance man. His rich background in technology, media, video production, music and education has enabled him to stay current within a rapidly changing environment. With a passion for technology and media and an innate ability to seamlessly integrate the two, Mr. Maddlone has worked with industry leaders in the development of innovative methodologies, promotion and marketing of new educational systems and production tools.   His expertise in managing and implementing complex rich media initiatives while cohesively unifying multi-geographical and professionally diverse members has aided in solidifying his talent for developing and overseeing Global Virtual Teams. He has walked the halls of Congress as one of the representatives for ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers), moderated numerous public technology forums across the country, as well as acted as a contributing writer/editor on several books, blogs and articles. Bringing his eclectic background and experience into every project, Mr. Maddlone has the ability to stay ahead of the curve, and the leadership skills to guide it.

Selective Accomplishments:

      • Instructional Designer, Training Consultant, Project Lead for companies such as Lockheed Martin, Morgan Stanley/Smith Barney, Fannie Mae
      • Freelance consultant on portable technology solutions for such high-level corporations/institutions as Gerson-Lehrman Group, Psion, Hewlett-Packard
      • Featured on CNN, Field Force Automation, LA Times, La Opinion, KMEX, UNIVISION
      • Guest speaker, trainer and/or moderator at such forums as the CTIA, DCI, Field Force Automation, PC Expo, MobileVillage Expo, and Comdex
      • Consultant on Disaster Recovery and Contingency Management Plans
      • Consultant on several films and television programs as a music arranger, writer, and producer/director
      • Author/writer/editor on numerous book projects and articles